Static sealing solutions for all industries

Pamargan Flange Seals

Innovation in Flange Sealing

Specially designed for all piped products, the PFS flange seal is made of a stainless steel washer and a vulcanized elastomer seal lip. With its double lip, the PFS ensures permanent sealing, eliminates fugitive emissions and reduces downtime. The PFS is the optimal solution for all bolted flanged joints.

This innovative Hutchinson product can easily replace spiral wound and rubber gaskets. The PFS ensures sealing in a durable, safe and cost effective way. It has been designed to be reused and can be considered as a seal for life.


The benefits

  • Re-usable
  • Low assembly time
  • Optimized sealing performance with two lines of sealing
  • Eliminates stress on composite GRP flanges without steel backing rings
  • Reduction of maintenance, repair frequency and downtime costs
  • Compression Stop & blow-out preventer
  • Not torque sensitive
  • Eliminates fugitive emissions for environmental protection