Static sealing solutions for all industries

Silicone grease


Our IKV-TRIBOSTAR SSI 1203 TF grease can be used to lubricate and assist in the assembly of seals. Formulated from components on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved list, it is NSF H-1 and WRAS approved. It is particularly suitable for the food industry but can also be used for other applications.

IKV-TRIBOSTAR SSI 1203 TF silicone grease is a paste made from a very high viscosity silicone oil and an inorganic thickener. It has excellent resistance to high temperatures and exceptional resistance to water, steam and various chemical agents (acetone, glycol, glycerine, ethyl and methyl alcohols).


  • Helps in the assembly of joints and final assembly
  • Protects against moisture and corrosion
  • Facilitates the movement of parts in assemblies
  • Extends the life of the equipment
  • Compatible with all elastomeric mixtures (except silicone and fluorosilicone)