Static sealing solutions for all industries

Specific Developments

As a manufacturer, we can accompany your developments. Always lending an attentive ear to the demands of its clients, Hutchinson O-Ring Division is constantly developing new sealing solutions to meet the client’s specifications.

Expertise and Innovation

As an acknowledged leader, Hutchinson ORD has substantial means available:

  • a laboratory dedicated to the development of compounds
  • a control and compatibility testing laboratory
  • FE calculation and digital simulation tools
  • a physical and chemical testing laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment (spectrometers, SEM etc.)
  • measurement and endurance benches
  • the Hutchinson Research Centre

These tools, combined with the experience of our engineers, enable Hutchinson ORD to express its know-how by creating new compounds, specific profiles, innovative sliding treatments etc

New sealing solutions have also enabled the following issues to be addressed:

  • Starting torques
  • Friction stresses
  • Improvement of material properties
  • Optimized environment

Hutchinson ORD: putting innovation at your disposal to bring you concrete improvement solutions and provide innovations related to your specific requirements.