Static sealing solutions for all industries



ACS_04.17 ACS (France)
Health approval certifying materials and equipment in contact with water intended for human consumption
DM_04.17 DM 174 (Italy)
Migration testing, in compliance with the ministerial decree 06.04.2004 N174 for use in contact with drinking water on vulcanised rubber plates
EN681.1_04.17 EN681-1 (Europe)
Describes the requirements for elastomeric seals in vulcanized rubber in joints for water piping systems
KIWA_04.17 KIWA Class III (Netherlands)
Certifies vulcanised elastomer-based products for hot and cold drinking water applications in compliance with BRL 17504
UBA_04.17 KTW / UBA Leitlinie (Germany)
KTW / UBA specify the requirements applicableto elastomers in contact with drinking water, such as defined by the independent German organisation DVGW
NSF_ANSI_04.17 NSF 61 (United States)
Certifies the compliance of drinking water circuit components and their effects on health, in accordance with the requirements of the NSF / ANSI 61 standard
ÖNorm_04.17 ÖNORM (Austria)
Measures for the avoidance of legionella growth and for the prevention of infections by heated drinking water
W270_04.17 W270 (Germany)
Food contact standard in addition to the KTW certificate, in accordance with the W270 sheet issued by the DVGW. Testing and certification carried out by the TZW
W534_04.17 W534 (Germany)
Certifies elastomer materials used in drinking water installations with or without coatings, in accordance with the W534 sheet issued by the DVGW
WRAS_04.17 WRAS (Great Britain)
Suitability of non-metallic products for use in contact with drinking water, in compliance with the BS 6920-1 / 2000 standard



Decree 25.11.1992 (France)
Decree concerning rubber materials and products in contact with foodstuffs, food products and beverages
Decree 20.08.2020 (France)
Decree concerning rubber materials and products in contact with foodstuffs, food products and beverages
FDA_04.17 FDA (United States)
Conformity to FDA’s instructions for elastomers in food contact, in particular FDA-21CFR §177.2600 “Rubber articles intended for repeated use”
CE1935_04.17 European Regulations (EC)
Conform with the EC regulation No. 1935/2004 dated from 27.10.2004 and No. 2023/2006 dated from 22.12.2006



BSE_04.17 BSE
The compounds are exempt from Specifi ed Risk Materials: Declaration on the transmission of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
Latex_04.17 Latex
Does not contain any latex-based products
HeavyMetals_04.17 Heavy Metals
European directive 94/62/EC – Does not contain any cadmium, lead, mercury or chrome VI
Phthalate_04.17 Phthalate
Does not contain any phthalate-based products
Reach_04.17 REACH
Complies with regulation N° 1907/2006
Rohs_04.17 RoHS
Complies with the European directive RoHS 2002/95/EC
USP_04.17 USP Class VI
Biological safety testing in vivo and in vitro according to USP, NF39 part <87> and <88> and compliance with the biological compability requirements for class VI plastics