Static sealing solutions for all industries


Manufacturer and expert of static sealing, Hutchinson O-Rings and Bonded Seals has developed sealing solutions for the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors.

Everywhere, where energy flows

Oil and Gas

Our technical supports are based on long experience of working with OEMs in the drilling sector, and our dedicated development laboratory is supported by the research center of the Hutchinson Group, a subsidiary of the Total Energie group. We offer you high-performance compounds (FKM, FFKM NBR, HNBR, Aflas) developed to seal critical applications at high pressure and temperature and in a wide range of sizes.


Present at every stage, from the production to the distribution of electrical energy, we work to ensure that energy installations have reliable and durable sealing solutions. By developing blends that comply with the new g³ gas with a lower GWP (Global Warming Potential), Hutchinson is helping manufacturers move towards more environmentally-friendly technology.

Types of O-Ring applications:

Oil and Gas

  • O-Ring for wireline, fishing services and piping connectors
  • Sub-sea applications
  • Drilling application (LWD, MWD)
  • Down-hole completion and production
  • BOP (blowout preventers)
  • Pumps – Compressors – Valves

Energy :

  • High-temperature seals 300 / 400°F++ Seals
  • High pressure seals over 20,000 psi+ (RGD/ AED)
  • Seals Explosive decompression (RGD/ AED)
  • Low temperature seals -40°C and below
  • Gas seals: CO2, CH4, H2S
  • Seals with fluid resistance
  • Butyl O-Rings gas resistance g3
  • O-Rings HNBR ozone resistant

Hutchinson O-Rings and Bonded Seals compounds :

  • High temperature – high pressure (HTHP)
  • Sour service seal materials
  • Explosive decompression resistant materials AED/RGD
  • Low compression set compounds
  • Rapid design and delivery
  • Elastomers quality assurance
  • Quick service delivery


We offer a wide range of compounds with following approvals:

Official certificates are available on request.