Static sealing solutions for all industries

A new distribution center

This new storage and order picking facility is located in Château-Gontier-sur-Mayenne (France), the headquarters of O-Rings and Bonded Seals.

A positive energy building
This project is part of Hutchinson’s environmental commitment, with interior and exterior insulation meeting the latest standards, a rainwater recovery system, and photovoltaic panels on the roof to ensure energy autonomy and make it a positive energy building (BEPOS). This type of structure makes it possible to achieve a positive overall energy balance, i.e. it produces more energy (thermal or electrical) than it consumes.

An automated warehouse and adapted workstations
This system will not only optimise storage space but also reduce the need for operators to carry heavy loads. This will improve our customer service.

A modern space dedicated to logistics
The warehouse will have five loading bays, eight order picking stations and a manual security station. We will optimise the capacity to respond to customer orders and requests with this new environment.