Static sealing solutions for all industries

Inflatable Seals Membramatic®

Inflatable seals are an easy solution for sealing applications under vacuum and pressure for small to large gap.

They absorb constructional irregularities and deformations of the various surfaces to ensure sealing. 

They are also a solution for clamping, pressing, gripping, or handling device. Based on simple, safe and effective technology.




  • NR, SBR, NBR, CR, Butyl IIR, Butyl Chaleur IIR, EPDM, VMQ, FKM
  • PMUC formulas for nuclear activity (low halogens and sulphur rates) 


  • Air, gas, demineralised water, hot water, aliphatic & low or medium aromatic hydrocarbons, acids & bases
    Resistance to cold, heat, radiation, chemical resistance, air and gas permeability


  • Max : +170°C
  • Min : -50°C


Thanks to their performance, inflatable seals are used in many industries: nuclear, aeronautic, railway, public works, marine, defense, etc.

  • As a sealing element: Cofferdams (shipbuilding industry, nuclear industry), Silencer boxes, Isothermal boxes, Movable airframe bulkheads (aeronautic industry), Formwork for reinforced concrete, Storage containers, Transport containers, Nuclear enclosures (airlocks), Polythermal containers, Canopy sealing, Sliding doors, autoclaves, sterilisers, Nuclear enclosure doors (equipment lock, personnel lock), Railway car doors, Aircraft doors
    As a cylinder or gripping device.