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Technical Cleanliness

As an expert in precision sealing, Hutchinson ensures the quality and durability of its parts with its high standards of cleanliness.

For reliable operation of components and the system, control of the amount of particles introduced during manufacture is necessary.
In increasingly demanding technical environments in industry, chemicals and automotive, where standards and regulations are increasing, Hutchinson ORD guarantees the best characteristics of elastomer compounds.

Hutchinson on the cutting edge of cleanliness

Compliance with the ISO 16232 standard according to 4 levels :

  • Cleanliness in the workshop.
  • Intermediate cleanliness
  • Severe cleanliness
  • Very strict cleanliness

We will also carry out cleanliness measurements in clean rooms: gravimetry, granulometry, etc.

In some cases, specific packaging is used to guarantee the level of cleanliness: clean bag, single or double bagging..

Standards and Norms

ISO 16232-1 :

Road vehicles
Cleanliness of fluid system components

ISO-9276-6-2008 :

Description and quantitative representation of the shape and morphology of particles

VDA 19 :

Description of technical cleanliness
Particle contamination of important automotive parts